40 per pallet. 4.1 gal. capacity, 15 - 90 psi. 2 standard spray tips included, Piston pump, Repair parts kit 800-BPS400K is included.

Item#: 800-90700015
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  • Lightweight, noncorrosive, polyethylene tank
  • Minimum effort maintains uniform pressure level and spray pattern
  • Anatomically contoured design for comfortable fit
  • Available with piston pump or diaphragm pump to be used with wettable powders
  • Pump operates conveniently with one hand
  • Quick shut-off discharge valve works instantaneously and
    functions as additional safety pressure release valve
  • Tank capacity 4 gal. - operating capacity 3-1/2 gal.
  • Empty weight - 12 lbs

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