About Us
In January 1913 the company “Thornwell Warehouse Company LTD” originally formed by seven individuals: J M Henderson, H Neal, L A Lyon, WM Buchanan, D Hebert and Leroy Elliot.
Today, Thornwell Warehouse Association is a farmer-owned cooperative proudly serving Southwest Louisiana farmers, ranchers and local residents. We have 3 locations Thornwell, Welsh, and Pine Island.
The Thornwell location is at 11113 Warehouse Road in Thornwell, Louisiana. You can drive up and fuel up your vehicle at our pumps. If you need bulk fuel “You Call We Haul” Dyed Diesel, Road Diesel or “NO ETHANOL” Regular Gasoline. We handle a wide variety of hardware supplies, including hand & power tools, nuts & bolts, pvc pipes & fittings and tarps. Tires, batteries, oil and grease are also available at this location. For the crawfish farmers we carry the supplies needed such as bait, sacks and gloves. Hunters can purchase their shotgun shells, raingear and boots. The local rice farmers can find farm equipment parts, irrigation pvc pipes & fittings, fuel tank pump meters and hoses. For the farmers, who owns his farm bins we now carry stirators, motors, thermostats and bin floors. A commercial drying facility is available for the farmers from the surrounding area to bring their crops.
The Welsh location is at 514 West South Street in Welsh, Louisiana. At this location we handle a wide variety of feed for horses, cattle, chickens, rabbits, goat and sheep. We carry an extensive inventory of wooden posts, t-post, large variety fencing, wire, gates & panels. For the horse-owner supplies includes halters, ropes, blankets and bedding. Veterinary supplies are available for keeping your animals as healthy as possible. We also have hand & power tools, lawn & gardens care, pest & rodents control. We have bait and supplies for the crawfish farmer. For the hunters we have food plot mix, whole corn, ammo, game camera, feeders and game processor. For your dogs or cats we have shampoo, flea & tick sprays and collars. And ladies we carry a nice collections of cookware, Two Old Goats Lotion for aches & pains, essential oils & oil diffuser to enjoy crisp clean air. We have commercial drying bins for our farmers crops.
The Pine Island location at 7118 Pine Island Highway in Pine Island, Louisiana offers farmers from the surrounding areas, a facility for the drying of their crops.